Friday, October 5, 2007

2007 Western Theme

I could not control myself. I was so into this it was scary. Karen was almost as bad as me. Shirley lent me this really cool gun with a super long barrel. Everything else was already in my closet. Karen made her skirt with appliqued felt. This was a good costume year. Just adding a sheriff's badge made a costume. 

2006 Time Tunnel

Karen and I as kids in our pajamas from the past and Linda and Craig Weller as Linda's Bear Family in the future.

2005 Paradise

This costume started with the hat that I bought in Russia. The rest of the uniform was bought in the city.  Karen added the black stripes to make it look more like a Russian uniform. Karen's costume was my idea... or was it hers? There is also a photo of me with brilliant costumer Judy Moffatt.

2004 Garden Theme

 I wore this bright orange jump suit, I was a Pest Control Guy. Karen came as a Bee Keeper Lady. We used Karen's hat at our Garden Parties several times. Something else funny happened while all this costuming was going on, Linda Weller became one of our dearest friends.

2003 My Favorite Animal

 I think this may be my favorite costume. I was a Great White Hunter at a party full of animals. Shirley gave me her husbands old jacket, Janet gave me socks, I made a gun and slowly bit by bit it became a really good costume. I wore a bow tie that really kicked the whole thing up a knotch. I am possing with Linda Weller dressed as one of her Bears. My friend Lou who always is smiling and always brings a smile to my face. At the bottom is my wife Karen in her Three Little Pigs hat. She went to bed at 4:00 am and I got up at 5:00 am to finish this costume. It is really marvelous.

2002 Travel Around the World

Everyone missed Frank that year. Linda and Erin missed him most of all except maybe for me. I was Ukulele Boy in a grass skirt. I made a special flesh suit in case the weather was chilly. I made a nice steamer trunk for Karen. The top of it was like a coffee table, a good place to leave your drink. Below is Amos and Anni Matsick with Karen and I in the middle.  Judy, Karen and Ruth. Another good costume year.

2001 Nursery Rymes

Karen did most of the work on these costumes. It was the only time my head was covered. It was hard to see but nice to be incognito, drinking was difficult. Karen and I married in May.

2000 Color

The theme this year was color. I tie dyed my jeans 3 colors and bleached, made the vest and borrowed the hair from a friend. They gave out prizes this year. Frank, Judy, Glenn and I all won in different categories.

Judy, Me and Ruth.
Me and Marileta.

1999 Days of Olde

Good costume year. The theme covered any time period as long as it happened in the past. Karen and I stayed in a little cabin with no plumbing and a cricket. It was romantic, we made a light show on the ceiling with our flashlights. Second photo is Glenn, Kent and Tim. Third photo is light hearted bundle of joy Craig Weller aka Party Animal. Bottom photo is Jody the Queen of Hidden Pictures, the best Art Director an artist will ever know.

1998 Stars

The theme for this party was Stars.This was first costume I put together for the party. I had known Frank for at least 6 years at this point. Bottom photo - Tim Ellis, Frank Bolle and Me. Karen and I started dating after this party.