Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Hidden Pictures" - 2011

"I love the way you guys think inside the box." - Gary Phillips

Several years ago I made an entire Christmas village with several buildings all made from folded paper, felt and glitter. It's a pleasure to occasionally get away from the computer or paper and pen and build something 3 dimensional. 

Karen and I talked about the Hidden Picture theme for awhile. Karen said something to do with bad or evil pictures, I said, "Forbidden Pictures" and decided that was what I would do. I wasn't sure how to do it. The movie theater idea seemed as good as any other. I liked the idea of bananas doing bad things.  Karen said she wanted to be an art museum.

The next step was finding big cardboard boxes in the trash. The brick and texture on both buildings was lifted from the internet. I printed 8.5 sheets and patched it all together. We decided to provide the minimum amount of space to see, which in the end, made it very hard to see. Karen insisted that she have doric columns on her museum so I left that for her to figure out. The steps on the museum seemed like it would be difficult but surprisingly I just scored and folded it without any trouble.

It's never been hot for the Illustrators Party, not until this year. The inside of the box was 20 degrees warmer than the outside air. I didn't stop sweating until Sunday morning. Karen said she couldn't hear and every time I looked at her she did not have the box on her head. What was she thinking, not wearing the box? I wore the box the whole time.

It was a wonderful party, it was so much fun seeing all the different interpretations of the theme!